Playing with Packaging

Monday, December 19, 2016

I was recently reminiscing over Christmas Days past, and one of my favourite memories is witnessing my lovely two nephews when they were young excitedly opening their presents on Christmas Day morning.

Surprisingly the memories that have really stuck with me are not those of watching them play with their latest must-have toy. The real fun was watching them assess the potential of the packaging it came in and then create something of their own from it. On a number of occasions they would almost dismiss the gift inside and find much more value in the ‘open-ended’ design of the box - turning it into a boat, den or space ship. This was possibly quite disappointing for my Sister and Brother-in-Law, but enormous fun for me to watch and get involved in. Suddenly the Christmas decorated living room was re-imagined into an exciting ocean, lunar landscape or mystical wood.

This creativity was wonderful to see and reminds me as a designer that although we try to anticipate consumer behaviour and design for consumer’s wants and needs, sometimes all a child needs is a cardboard box, some felt tip pens and the time an encouragement to be creative.

We at Packknack wish you a playful Christmas and a very creative New Year.

Janet and the team